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Bicyclist Dies After Run-In With Bus Reports New York Car Accident Lawyers

A woman biking as a hobby on a Bronx street lost her life after being hit by a bus. She wasn’t actually on the bike when she was hit. The woman’s family stated that she was an avid bike rider and that it was clearly a horrible way for her to lose her life. The woman known as the Mother Teresa of the Bronx was honored with a two-mile bike ride prior to her burial service reports New York Car Accident Lawyers.

The woman just short of 60 and was on a bike ride when someone carelessly opened a car door directly in the path where she was riding. The door clipped her bike and caused her to fall from her bike and into the path of a city bus.

The ceremony honoring the woman was held after the bike ride, which had ended at E. Tremont Avenue, which is where the accident originally occurred. In addition to the bike ride, family and friends dedicated a “ghost bike” in honor of the woman. New York Injury Lawyers report that the bike was filled with colorful roses, daisies and carnations.

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