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Beheading Prevention In Rear-end Car Crashes


The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has been gathering research based on analysis and crash tests that show evidence supporting the fact, that if you were to whack your vehicle into the back of a truck trailer, you would most likely die very quickly. A NY Car Accident Lawyer expands, that the center of the problem is based around the simple fact that cars are low and trailers are rather high. A bus accident would cause the same damage.

A car rides typically lower, which allows the full force of the accident to penetrate the windshield and roof pillars that protect the passenger compartment. This problem creates one of the fastest ways to not only die, but more specifically lose your head entirely. A New York Car Accident Lawyer reveals that the under-ride guards on trucks often fail in low speed crashes as well. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is fighting for stronger under-guard rails on both trucks and trailers, to be mandated by the federal government.

A New York Injury Lawyer shares how the front passenger compartment of most vehicles crushes instantly when the under-guard rails fail. You may be driving an incredibly safe vehicle, with impeccable crash test ratings, but the scary truth is that if you are in an accident with a truck or trailer where the under-guard rails fail, you could be killed. This is a very frightening thought, when you search for a car that will be ultimately safe for you and your entire family. It is impossible to be safe from every danger, but if the federal government decides that stronger under-guard rails should be a necessary measure, many lives could in turn be saved. Companies in New York City and Staten Island are looking for ways to prevent these injuries.

Though it is tempting to choose a vehicle that is trendy and outfitted with flashy features, the most important thing to focus on, is driving a car that is functional and more importantly safe. The same goes for trucks and trailers-that should be equipped with stronger under-guard rails, because there is no excuse for skimping on features that can save so many lives.

Unfortunately, accidents do happen, and having a New York Car Accident Attorney there to aid you can truly lift the burden of going through the process alone. Seek help today, there is no reason you should struggle by yourself. Feeling safe in your vehicle is such an important thing, if you are recovering from an accident, or worried about someone who has been in one, consider embracing the help of a New York Car Accident Attorney. Having a trained professional on your side can make all the difference in the world. It will give you a sense of confidence, and help you through the overwhelming and confusing legal process. Sometimes, it is easy to get caught up in the appearance of your vehicle, and the features, though these things are important, the functionality and safety of your car, should be your top priority.Stephen Bilkis & Associates with its NY Car Accident Lawyers has convenient locations throughout the New York Metropolitan area including East Flatbush, NY. Our New York Car Accident Lawyers can provide you with advice relative to personal injury caused by someone else’s negligence in a car accident. Without a N.Y. Car Accident Attorney you will not know all your rights and may not be properly protecting you and your loved ones.

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