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Alcohol Involved in Accident Which Killed Pedestrian


A pedestrian has been killed after being involved in a fatal traffic accident. Eye witnesses claim that the pedestrian ran out in front of the car. However, according to police reports obtained by the New York Car Accident Law Office, the driver of the car is thought to of been drinking before the accident occurred. It is strongly suspected that drink had a big role to play in the death of this pedestrian.

The victim was in his mid 20’s and was struck by the car as he stepped out in front of it. He has been charged by police with driving under the influence of alcohol and battery. The man has yet to be identified, but police have mentioned that he was from Hispanic descent. The name of the victim will not be released until the family has been contacted.

The accident happened during the early hours of Sunday morning at around 3 AM. The police report shows that the driver was driving along route 17 and was quite close to Gamble Road. Three people ran across the road in front of him, and one was hit. The New York Car Accident Law Office says that it’s not clear whether he would have been able to stop if he was not drunk.

The driver of the vehicle which hit the pedestrian stopped and phoned police to report the accident. However, the people who ran across the road with the man did not stay, instead they fled the scene. The exact reasons for the accident are not clear and the police investigation is still ongoing. It’s expected that there will be more details in the next few weeks.

The emergency services arrived quickly on the scene. However, the man had already died from his injuries by the time the police could respond. He was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics, and no other treatment was provided. Drunk driving is handled very seriously in Staten Island and Suffolk County.

The driver was not injured but was noticeably shaken up. He was charged by police for driving under the influence. Although he has been charged, him stopping and owning up to his actions will work in his favor.

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