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Toyota Blamed for the Death of Five-Year-Old – as Reported By a Nassau County Car Accident Lawyer


In 2008, a Westchester couple owned a Lexus luxury automobile and feel absolutely certain that had a faulty accelerator. The five-year-old by was the youngest of the children and as with any family, the loss of their son has left them distraught. A New York Car Accident Lawyer reports that Toyota’s failure to properly repair the defects in the electronic throttle in various Lexus and Toyota vehicles resulted in the death of the young boy.

In similar situations, which appear to be happening all across the nation. In this particular case, the mother of the young boy was driving the Lexus RX RX350 at what was deemed a safe speed and her son was strapped in his car seat. The mother tried to stop by applying the brakes but realized quickly that she was not slowing down and was not going to be able to stop the vehicle just as it careened out of control.

In a moment of panic, the mother tried to make a decision on what to do for the best for her child and that of her family inside the automobile. The driver’s decision to leave the road eventually caused the car to slam into a stonewall. This impact was what left the young boy severe traumatic injuries. A New York Car Accident Lawyer has said that the driver and mother of the young boy were unconscious and spent six days in a coma. She too suffered critical injuries eventually losing her spleen and part of her intestines in addition to various neck, back and leg injuries. The drive and mother of the deceased boy still suffers from residual effects of the crash.

If there is injury which is a part of the car accident, you will certainly need a New York Injury Lawyer to help you defend yourself or on the other side get you the award or reimbursement to which you are entitled. This is a must when injury occurs as the result of a car accident.

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