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Town in Mourning after Fatal Car Accident, says New York Injury Lawyer


Over the weekend, a car accident turned fatal and caused the death of two local college students, while a third student was flown to the hospital, according to a New York Injury Lawyer.

The students were all headed West when they collided with a Freightliner tractor trailer. It appears that the car the students were driving rear ended the truck. New York Car Accident Lawyers do not have any word as of yet as to whether charges will be filed.

The ages of the students who passed away are 18 and 21. The third student, who is currently in serious condition at the hospital, is only 21. The older two students were enrolled at the local college and were studying psychology. The younger student had not yet selected a major, says the New York Car Accident Lawyer.

The students were driving a 1998 Nissan Altima. New York Injury Lawyers do not know at present if the there was a mechanical problem, if the driver was intoxicated, or if it was simply an accident. A Mass held by a local church in memory of the students drew 300, which is about twice as much as usual.

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