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This is a case involving a car accident and personal injury claims


According to reports received by a New York Car Accident Lawyer, this is a case involving a car accident and personal injury claims. Carlos Roldan and Carmen Torres filed a case against the County of Suffolk police Department. According to their testimony, on January 21, 2004 at about 2:30 in the afternoon, Roldan and Torres from Nassau County were passengers on a vehicle owned and driven by Jose Lopez-Nieves. They were driving along Washington Avenue and Express Drive South. They stopped at a red light at the intersection when the accident happened.

Roldan testified that while their vehicle was at stop along the intersection of Washington Avenue and Express Drive South, they were hit by an oncoming police car owned by Suffolk County Police Department and driven by Theresa Brondtman. It was after found out that the Police Car was also involved in a collision with another vehicle operated by Joseph G. Sorgie, Jr. and owned by Laura A. Sorgie.

Still according to the report, Suffolk County Police Department argued that Brondtman was operating the police car under official duty and was on her way to respond to a distress call. She further told the court that when she received the police radio call about a stabbing on Fifth Avenue, she turned on the siren and full lights and proceeded to the scene of the crime. Upon reaching Washington Avenue, Brondtman slowed down and observed the oncoming traffic. She proceeded when she established that at the moment, one part of the street was one-way-traffic. She drove no more than 20 miles per hour when suddenly a vehicle collided with Brondtman sending her spinning about 180 degrees before finally colliding with the white van where Roldan was a passenger. After the accidents, Brondtman stayed inside her vehicle and called for backup.

Based on the findings that reached a reporter, the vehicle operated by Sorgie was travelling on the South Service road about 30 miles per hour. He testified that he did not hear any siren nor see the police car until it was only about two cars length in front of him. He applied his breaks but couldn’t do much anymore. He tried to turn to the right by heavily turning his steering wheel but the front driver’s side and the rear of the police car already hit Sorgie’s vehicle before colliding with Nieves’ vehicle where Roldan was a passenger.

There were a lot of issues involved in this three collision accident. It was mentioned in the argument that Brondtman was on official duty when the accident happened. And even though she was on duty and about to respond to a crime scene she proceeded with caution but was caught in the accident in the process. According to a Lawyer, Roldan sustained a back and spine injuries. He underwent chiropractor therapy as well as acupuncture sessions along with injections over a period of 2 months for the injuries that he got from the said accident.

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