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Teen Dies After High Speed Chase


Three teenagers were in a speeding vehicle which was the instigator in a recent car accident. The three passengers were in high school at the time. It was the younger of the two boys who was killed as the car the boys were driving collided with an SUV. The police have formally charged the boy who was driving at the time of the accident; although more charges may be forthcoming, reports a witness, as the police continue to investigate the event.

The three teenagers were out driving and had just filled up the car at the time of the accident. The older boy’s girlfriend was pregnant at the time of the car accident accident. The young man was probably dealing with the many emotions that surround impending fatherhood when he was recklessly drove the vehicle through the college town that both boys called home.

It has been alleged that the boys had put gasoline into their vehicle and then driven off without paying for the gas. The car was traveling at approximately 90 miles per hour at the time the car smashed into the SUV. The car had been driving somewhat suspiciously when a police car spotted them and began to follow the car. When the driver decided to accelerate to such dangerous speeds was immediately after the police officer attempted to pull over the vehicle.

The driver of the vehicle escaped the incident with only minor injuries; the young man who had been riding in the vehicle, a quiet but well-liked boy, died on the scene. Rescue vehicles were called the accident but the young man could not be saved.

The third passenger, a girl, was in critical condition at a local hospital. Her family was still hoping for a full recovery, but the full details of her injuries had not been released.

This is not the driver’s first run in with the police in either NYC or Westchester. He has a history of theft, traffic violations and underage drinking, alleges a Lawyer. Though he has a court record, the young man’s mother has come to his defense and is offering her support.

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