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Suffolk County Criminal Defense Lawyer reports drunken Port Jefferson, NY man drives car through Coram, NY nightclub window and needs a NY Car Accident Attorney

Edwin Baquedano, a 32 year old resident from Port Jefferson, NY; had been thrown out of the illegal night club that he was in late one night. Baquedano was at the Latino American Deli and Grocery; located at 3663 Route 112 Coram, NY when the incident started. The deli is an illegal night club after the deli closes. Baquedano became enraged after being thrown out and decided to drive his 1994 Saturn through the club. Suffolk County Police responded to a call after the incident happened. Police reports say that Baquedano drove his car through the window and door of the building then reversed and drove away. Luckily no one inside the club was hurt. The car broke down less than a mile away from the scene. Suffolk County Police found Baquedano a short while later in a wooded area near his car. He has been charged with DWI, second degree criminal mischief and numerous driving infractions including leaving the scene of an accident and driving without a license. He will be arraigned in Suffolk County First District Court; located at 400 Carleton Ave. Central Islip, NY 11722. Reports do not indicate if the deli has been fined for operating a nightclub without a license.

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