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Student Struck and Killed by multiple cars say a Long Island Car Accident Lawyer

A student of Stony Brook University from China, was killed Tuesday evening when crossing Nicolls Road. The pedestrian was struck by more than one automobile and died at the scene. Details and pictures of the accident are not available at this time, as it is still under investigation, and no criminal charges have yet been filed. Evidence of drugs or alcohol has not been revealed as factors in this tragedy. Malice or ill-intent is unlikely as a cause as well. It appears at first glance that it was simply an unfortunate event that took place. The accident occurred around 9pm near the South Entrance of the Medical Center at the University. At least two cars, and possibly a third one hit the victim. Drivers of two of the vehicles stopped at the scene, but at least one witness stated that another vehicle struck him and did not stop. It is unclear why the driver did not stop, as police have not discovered the identity of this individual.The victim was registered to study at Stony Brook University and in New York on a student visa from Shenyang, China. The field he was majoring in or class schedule is not known at this time. His parents have been notified of this terrible accident, although they were not available for comments.

a New York Car Accident Lawyer says the victim was identified to investigators by someone at the school, as he was not carrying any type of ID. His student visa which contained his fingerprints was later found, and used for confirmation.

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