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South Carolina Police Chief killed in car crash


The Police Chief of Columbia, South Carolina was killed in a car crash Sunday and will be missed by all.

“Capers Wannamaker loved the people of Calhoun County, not just the city because he was police chief but the whole county in general, he just loved people, his brother-in-law said at the funeral,” revealed a relative. “He was the type to just go out of his way for anyone.”

The chief had leaded his department for more than a decade and had served in the army and at another Sheriff Department prior to taking the job. This was a man who said he wanted to make a difference, and according to all of his family and friends – he did, continued the witness.

His police officers said it was just in his blood and he loved it, he went on to say. Reports said the 60-year-old chief’s car was out of control, drove off the road and hit a tree this past weekend. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Friends described the chief as a family man, who left behind a wife, son, daughter and four grandchildren.

One man at the funeral said that he just loved his kids, and he would call his brother and sister-in-law and say “I’ve got something on the grill y’all come on down I’m feeding everybody!” It sounded like he was just that type. He was described as loving to cook and being a good cook.

The family’s home took on a steady group of visitors all day Saturday and all offered their support to the family.

The man at the funeral was quoted saying “I would want people to remember that the chief was fair and honest and a very compassionate person and that he was a great father, husband, and most of all he was more than a brother-in-law to me, he was a big brother.”

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