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NYCar Accident Lawyer Proves That Police Officer Lied


An accident occurred on November 16, 2002. The accident caused major injuries to a man for which he received a great deal of money.

On the night of the car accident, Gabriel Framowitz, 57 at the time, and his wife Esther were coming home from a wedding. As they walked across 16th Avenue to their automobile, a police car hit them. Officer Byron Chow drove the police car. After the accident, Esther avoided injury but Gabriel suffered severely. He splintered his shoulder and his leg and experienced head wounds and brain damage.

After these terrible injuries, Framowitz, now 62, was unable to work- he was a salesman. He also suffers from short-term memory loss and mood swings.

Both Gabriel and Esther took legal actions against the City and the NYPD. They were awarded almost 12 million dollars in damages and then received another 4.6 million dollars.

In his original statement, Chow lied about what had happened. Chow claimed that the accident was Gabriel’s fault. He said that Gabriel ran outward from in between two parked cars. But Chow confessed that he had been driving faster than he initially said he was. Under oath, Officer Chow admitted that he had lied in his original statement.

Any person who is injured in a car accident should seek the aid of a N.Y. Car Accident Lawyer. The officer’s speeding caused the accident. A good New York Car Accident Lawyer can aid you in your quest for justice from car accident injury.

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