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Northeastern Student Loses his Life in a New Year’s Day Crash Says a New York Car Accident Lawyer

An eighteen-year-old student at Northeastern was killed in a crash on New Year’s Day in upstate New York. Steve Bilkis and Associates and his New York Injury Lawyers are available for an initial, free, no-obligation consultation by calling 1-800-NY-NY-Law. The student was identified as a freshman-engineering student and was killed shortly after the New Year possibly due to speed and snowy weather.

The automobile was apparently trying to change lanes when the driver lost control and rolled several times before stopping approximately 200 feet away. The television station reported that the young man was ejected from the front passenger’s seat and that thee other teens were in the car. New York Car Accident Lawyers can hopefully iron out the details as a 15-year-old-girl was critically injured and the driver, an 18-year-oldl girl and another passenger were apparently not seriously injured. New York Car Accident Lawyers are available for counsel.

One of the passengers was identified as the girlfriend of the young man who lost his life and the other two girls were sisters. The deceased was apparently the graduate of a Norfolk County School.

Stephen Bilkis & Associates with its New York Car Accident Lawyers has convenient locations throughout the NY area including Mineola, NY. Our attorneys can provide you with advice about personal injury caused by someone else’s negligence. Without a NY Car Accident Lawyer you will not know your rights and will be unable to get your just deserts.

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