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New York Car Accident Lawyer reports an 8 yr old loses leg in freak accident

An 8 year old boy and his mom were waiting for family to come off of the school bus. They were standing in front of their apartment building on Stafford Rd. in Flatbush, NY when a minivan that was trying to park went flying towards them. The van hit another car and then hit the gas and drove in the direction of the building. The boy’s mom was able to get out of the way but the boy, Justin Abuled, was not as fortunate. The minivan crashed into the front door of the building. The door was made of heavy metal and glass. The impact of the van’s crash caused a large piece of the metal fall off. The metal struck the boy, amputating his leg. Witnesses packed the leg on ice while waiting for paramedics to arrive. The boy, his mother and the driver of the van were all taken to Kings County Hospital; located at 451 Clarkson Ave Brooklyn NY 11203. Brooklyn Police have not released if the mother’s or driver suffered any injury. Information has not been made public if the driver had been under the influence of drugsor alcohol during the time of the accident.

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