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New study shows injuries from car crashes cause more chronic pain than other injuries


It was revealed today that a recent study shows people are more likely to develop chronic pain from injuries after a hit and run car accident than after other physically traumatic events.

The study took place in Scotland and involved 2,069 people who were asked three times over a course of four years about musculoskeletal pain and related stress, related a doctor. They were asked if they had experienced any of these six physically traumatic events: traffic crash, surgery, workplace accident, fracture, hospitalization, or child birth.

33% of the 241 people in the study with chronic widespread pain were much more likely than other participants to report at least one physically traumatic event during the study period.

The study explained that the researchers decided to adjust for a number of factors and found that people who had been in traffic crashes had an 84 percent increased risk of developing chronic widespread pain.

It said the study found no link between new onset of chronic pain and hospitalization, surgery or childbirth.

Physicians involved in the study speculated that the results are due to the nature of car accidents. Car accidents really traumatize the body in a different way than every day traumatic injuries. The body gets jolted around in a very uncontrolled manner and often times it’s hard to predict the long term effect his will have on a victim’s body.

“We believe there are persons — defined by prior physical and psychological health — who in the event of a traumatic trigger are vulnerable to developing chronic widespread pain,” one report said.

Further research in Long Island and New York City should focus on the unique aspects of an auto accident and the individual’s reaction to this particular trauma that causes the increased risk of chronic widespread pain onset.

Everyone said more research is in the works now in hopes in improving the quality of life of accident victims and their families. “We hope to uncover valuable information to help people as much as we can,” a source concluded.

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