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Man Crushed by Car in Garage Accident


A Queens father was crushed to death when the car he was working on collapsed suddenly and fell on top of him, police sources told a New York Car Accident Lawyer.

The 42-year-old man was using an unstable jack to lift his red Toyota Celica in the garage of his South Ozone Park home, and it collapsed as he was using some wrenches underneath, police and family sources told a New York Injury Lawyer. “This is tragic,” said the victim’s brother-in-law, 31. “He was an exceptional guy.”

The family told a New York Injury Lawyer that the deceased had a grown son, and he was an active member of his church, always looking for ways to help his family. “He was quiet, calm, and always had a kind word to say,” said his sister, 46. “He was always there for you,” she told a New York Car Accident Lawyer. “He never said no to anybody if they needed something.”

The victim attended South Ozone Park Seventh-Day Adventist Church every Sunday, where he served as an assistant deacon. “He was very passionate his whole life,” his sister said. “He was a great person.” The victim was an electrician and lived with his mother.

Accidents happen and sometimes they are unavoidable. Other times, however, they could have been prevented if someone had been doing the right thing. For times like those, a New York Car Accident Attorney is waiting to assist you. With a New York Car Accident Attorney on your side, you can be assured your case will be over quickly, and resolved justly, so you can return to a normal life.

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