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In an almost movie-like event Angela I. Jansen was injured


In an almost movie-like event Angela I. Jansen was injured because her vehicle was hit by the car of a fleeing suspect. What happened was, in February 14, at around 10:45 in the evening, Trooper James E. Maring of the New York State Police received a radioed message that a Buick had been stolen. Trooper Maring proceeded to the street where it was reported as stolen and watched out for the automobile. He sighted it with a male driver and proceeded to pursue it. He radioed in order to confirm if it was the stolen vehicle, and it was. A witness said that from the information he got about the car chase the driver headed south while being trailed by the police. At some point, Trooper Richard C. Peck who was in the process of filling up his police car with gas noticed the Buick being followed by a police vehicle. He joined Trooper Maring in the pursuit. A third officer joined the chase before they reached the intersection where Mrs. Jansen’s car was hit. He was identified as Trooper McLaughlin.

The police officers had established a plan to box in the suspect. To do this one of them had to overtake the Buick. They were going more than 50 mph so that one of them can be in front of the pursued car. According to Mrs. Jensen, she stopped at the intersection because she had to turn left on Bailey road that intersects with Route 11 where the police was chasing the Buick. Before she had the chance to turn, a cop said, she already noticed the police lights. She just stayed where she was. The Buick hit their car in turning and the impact caused Mrs. Jensen to hit various parts of the car that had injured her. She had to undergo medical treatment for them.

A Lawyer found out that Mr. Gunter Jansen and Mrs. Jansen filed a case against the State of New York with the alleged negligence of the police officers with the pursuit. In the investigation, it was found that the police cars did not hit Mrs. Jansen’s car directly. The courts in New York City and Westchester though looked at the event as it progressed. The court determined that the police officers had the chance to shoot the tires of the Buick that would have slowed it down at least.

In their decision to box in the fleeing driver, they knew that they could cause damage to vehicles surrounding them. A source also mentioned that the court said that the police officers could have tried the maneuver in a less crowded part of the street or at least aborted the plan when they saw Mrs. Jansen’s car nearby. Granted that they can go over the speed limit while pursuing suspect they could still have proceeded with caution so as not to hurt anyone else. It is their decision that the planned action of the police officers is the one directly responsible for the pursued car to hit the vehicle of Mrs. Jansen. It was the court’s decision that Mrs. Jansen should be compensated for her medical expenses, for the housekeeper they had to hire when she was immobile and for the loss of service and companionship for Mr. Jansen in the total amount of $8,500.

It could have been you, or it could be you that would have experienced this. It is not an easy decision to sue for damages from the police and the State. If you have a New York Car Accident Lawyer who can determine the options for you and help you decide the sooner you will be getting compensation for what you have suffered. It does not matter if it is from the government or from individuals.

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