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Girl Returns Home after Several Month in Hospital


Two months ago, a teenager was involved in a car accident when a drunk driver plowed into her family’s car while they were on their way home from church. The girl’s father and sister, who were also in the car at the time of the accident, sustained relatively minor injuries, reports a witness. The girl head went through the roof of the car which caused major head trauma and damage to both of her eyes.

Initially the girl from NYC was in critical condition as the accident lead to fluid building up around her brain. She also had to have surgeries on both of her eyes. After the swelling went down, the girl went through many months of intense physical therapy.

The family has been grateful for all the support of the community. Several local restaurants held fundraisers for the family. These fundraisers have been extremely helpful since both parents have been out of work since the accident, and the family does not have health insurance.

The drunk driver’s family in Westchester has issued a public apology to the family and the drunk driver has been arrested and charged with driving under the influence. As long as the driver had valid insurance, the family will receive some compensation from the driver’s insurance company; otherwise, the family can sue the man directly for their medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering, explains a Lawyer.

Medical professionals have been impressed by the speed of the girl’s recovery. They believe that her positive attitude has been beneficial in helping her recover her health. Though her return home is a huge step forward, she still has many more months, if not years, of further therapy ahead over her.

It is unknown when the drunk driver’s trial will take place and whether the family will attend the entire trial. As for the young girl, she says that the car accident has inspired her to explorer her spirituality. Though she will need to resume her studies at some point, there are no current plans for her to return to her high school.

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