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Father Sues Suffolk Transit over Daughter’s Death, Says New York Car Accident Lawyers


A father in Blue Point whose daughter was killed when her SUV was struck by a Suffolk Country bus has told a New York Injury Lawyer there is more than just the driver to place blame upon.

The father stated to a New York Car Accident Lawyer that the drivers have to drive too fast to keep up with their schedules, which would be impossible to keep up with otherwise. Therefore, he is not only suing the bus driver whose bus struck his daughter’s car, but the whole Suffolk Transit system, as well.

New York Injury Lawyers have learned that the 19-year-old woman was killed on May 21, 2007 when her SUV and a Suffolk Transit bus collided at the intersection of Atlantic Avenue and Montauk Highway.

Suffolk Transit officials have told New York Car Accident Lawyers that they do not ever pressure their drivers to drive too quickly. There is no further information on this case so far, but more is sure to come as the lawsuit gets underway.

Accidents are unpredictable things by their very nature. No one knows when one is going to occur, or how severe it will be when one happens. No matter what the case, however, a New York Car Accident Attorney can handle the details.

When you have a New York Injury Attorney on your side, you will have the full benefit of legal representation and protection when the time comes to go to court or merely to negotiate with other parties involved.

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