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Drunken Hampton, NY man crashes car into 3 pedestrians and is charged with DWI reports a New York Car Accident Lawyer

Christopher Scotto, a 26 year old Hampton Bay resident was driving drunk early one morning when he struck 3 pedestrians walking in the same direction. Southampton Town Police report that the accident occurred on Dune Rd. in Hampton Bay, NY. They have not made public what caused the driver to strike the 3 Suffolk County residents, or what his BAC (blood alcohol content) was at the time of the accident. (New York State has a zero-tolerance policy for drinking while driving.) The three victims were taken to local hospitals, one having to be transferred to Stony Brook University Medical Center. Southampton Police have not released the severity of the injuries yet. Scotto was held on a $50,000 bail and is facing a DWI charge. Other charges are still pending.

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