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Death is the result of a crash – a Bronx Car Accident Lawyer is needed

A Brooklyn tragedy has police still looking for the driver of a minivan that crashed into other vehicles, resulting in the death of one man. A Dodge Caravan with Oklahoma plates smashed into the taxi cab of a hard-working immigrant from Latvia, at 21st Avenue and 65th Street. The two vehicles crashed into a couple of parked cars, knocking down a tree, and bursting into flames. The taxi pushed one of the parked cars into a house where a man and his family slept. He reported hearing a loud crash and feeling the house shake. It is not known at this time how much damage was done to the home or if the family will need to find another residence. It does not appear that anyone in the home was injured in the incident. The driver fled on foot, and has not yet been located. A New York Car Accident Lawyer reports that the victim’s body was found dangling from the door of the cab and was so badly burned by the crash, the investigators had difficulty in determining his gender at first. It was also his 62nd birthday. There is no information about the driver of the Caravan at present and because of the early hour of the crash, witnesses are unlikely. The cause of the accident will not be determined until the driver has been apprehended. It is unclear if alcohol or drugs played any part in this tragic incident. The victim’s ex-wife is the only family it is believed at this time that he has.

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