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Crash sends one to Hospital, Driver Flees, Says New York Car Accident Lawyer


All across the country there are incidents where people cause damage and injury with their vehicles and then flee the scene out of fear, reports a New York Car Accident Lawyer. While most of us would never run away, there are some people who panic and let their fear take over. This always results in more difficulties than it offers solutions.

A New York Injury Lawyer report cites an incident last week in New Hampshire. A man lost control of his Saturn and veered across the center line into oncoming traffic, which happened to be a Buick containing two individuals. The driver of the Buick proceeded to lose control of the vehicle, landing himself in a ditch. Both driver and passenger were later transported to the hospital with minor injuries and then released.

The man in the Saturn who caused the accident was never found. Police in New Hampshire are still searching for him. He apparently pulled the car into a parking spot on the street and then fled in fear, and he is still at large, says the New York Car Accident Lawyer. More investigation will be necessary.

A New York Injury Lawyer that could be reached for comment had indicated that the driver of the Buick was not being faced with any charges, and that it was hoped that the person responsible for the crash would be found and brought to justice. If you are ever involved in a car crash, it is imperative that you remain at the scene of the accident and do not leave. In the end, it is the most responsible thing to do, though in the moment it may seem to be one of the most difficult.

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