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Cause of Soldier’s Death Under Investigation


A young soldier for the United States Army was killed in a fatal car accident on Saturday. The solider was in the car along with two other members of the armed forces. The soldier was a passenger in the car when he was thrown from the vehicle during the collision, explains a NY Car Accident Lawyer.

The men were out together, off of base, at the time of the incident. The solider that died was the oldest person in the vehicle and was barely twenty years old at the time of his death. The other two men were barely out of high school. The other two men, who both survived the accident, were both wearing their seatbelts while the young soldier who died was not.

The cause of the collision was unknown at the time of this article. Though drunk drivingl or other drugs are always a suspect in these types of situations, there was no evidence available that pointed to them as the cause in this case. No charges have been pressed at this time against the driver; however, it is always a possibility that there will be charges at some point in the future as further evidence comes to light.

The young man who died as a result of the accident was still alive immediately following the incident. He was transported to a nearby medical facility where medical professionals attempt to save his life. Unfortunately, the soldier’s injuries were too severe to save him.

The driver in this case would have to be proven negligent in order for charges to be pressed against him. Because there was only a single car involved in the accident, it is more likely that the driver was distracted, negligent or otherwise impaired. A NY Car Accident Lawyer states that it is possible that the age of the vehicle, which was over 15 years old, may led to mechanical failure which led to the accident. Neither the driver nor the other passenger in the car could be reached for comment at this time. Police in Staten Island and Long Island are on the lookout for drivers like this one.

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