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Car crash sends five to the hospital, says a New York Car Accident Lawyer


Most parents have nightmares about their young adult children getting into gruesome car crashes, especially when they can be terribly injured or in some cases killed. Early yesterday morning, five people were sent to the hospital following a car accident, reports a New York Injury Lawyer. All five of the victims were young women, one was twenty-one years old while the other four were all eighteen years old.

According to the New York Car Accident Lawyer, no word has been released as to the cause of the accident as of yet, although it is known that the crash was particularly gruesome, as the vehicle was wrapped around a pole. The women had to be cut free by rescue workers. It is not known if the women were awake at the time the rescue workers arrived on the scene, although at least one has been awake since the crash. The women were split up when taken for medical care, as two went to one hospital and the other three went to a different hospital.

At present, it is known that the oldest of those involved in the crash is in critical condition, says a New York Injury Lawyer. It has not been released what condition the other four victims are currently in, although it has also not been released that any have died, so hopefully they are in better shape than the twenty-one year old. No doubt the prayers of many local residents are going out to the parents, who are no doubt experiencing great hardships while their children lay in the hospital.

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