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At Last, Montana Addresses Drinking and Driving, a New York Car Accident Lawyer Reports


It wasn’t uncommon for someone in Montana to be able to have a beer while driving down the interstate a high speeds, reports a New York Car Accident Lawyer. In fact, it was legal to drink and drive in many places in Montana until 2005. A few years before there, there was no speed limit on major highways or rural roads.

The high profile death of a highway patrolman who was killed by a drunk driver spurred the change in Montana law to outlaw drinking and driving. New York Injury Lawyers have learned that judges are becoming stricter and law enforcement is looking for new ways to make sure repeat offenders are not a danger to others.

There are still some small town bars that will give out cocktails in to-go cups and repeat drunken drivers are often processed through the system before they are even sober.

“There is significant anti-government sentiment which spills over into impaired driving enforcement,” a representative for Mothers Against Drunk Driving told a New York Car Accident Lawyer. “Rather than praising public safety officers for keeping our highways safe, I have heard legislators berate them for bothering drivers.”

New York Injury Lawyers have still seen many signs that the state is changing in a big way to reduce drunk driving.

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