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Another Intersection Needs Attention Reports a NY Car Accident Lawyers

The intersection at Keap and Ainslie streets are absolutely horrifying for most drivers. Ainslie Street is known as the first right for anyone taking the Metropolitan Avenue exit off the Queens-bound Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. This area is said to be lawless report New York Car Accident Lawyers.

This particular intersection doesn’t have a stop sign at the first intersection so drivers just continue on their merry way.

In addition to the fact that this is a very busy intersection because of the Brooklyn Queens Expressway, it is also a direct path to Lorimer Street L-train stop. Moreover, once drivers reach Keap Street, one-way streets stand in the way of making progress. And, thus, accidents appear to be a dime a dozen in this area and very few folks are paying attention. According to the New York Injury Lawyers, one of the local contruction company’s managers indicated that he has used his own employees to slow the traffic down in order to protect the pedestrians.

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