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Actor David Arquette Involved in Car Accident


Actor David Arquette was involved in a car accident a month after leaving rehab for substance abuse addiction. Arquette was driving in West Hollywood when his car swerved into oncoming traffic. Arquette was able to avoid hitting one car head on, but hit another car moving in the opposite direction, explained a New York Automobile Accident Lawyer. Arquette and the woman he hit did not sustain serious injuries. Arquette was released from a hospital a few hours after the accident. It is unclear how the accident occurred. Arquette refused pain medication at the scene and again later at the hospital.

The accident occurred while he was driving to Las Vegas to help a friend open a new restaurant. Because of the accident, he will have to postpone his trip. The restaurant is named The Sugar Factory, reports a N York Injury Attorney.

After the accident, Arquette began tweeting about his experience on Twitter, a popular social media outlet. Arquette reported that he had been in an accident, but did not have any serious injuries. He did say that he was not wearing a seatbelt at the time and wishes that he had been. Arquette thanked fans for their outpouring of concern, says, S.J. Bilkis, a New York Car Accident Lawyer. The actor, who has a part in the upcoming movie Scream 4 will most likely keep fans up-to-date on his condition via Twitter.

Many celebrities use Twitter and other social media outlets to tell fans and others about their day-to-day experiences. Arquette began sending messages shortly after being admitted to the hospital, states a NY City Injury Lawyer. After refusing pain medication to relieve the pain from his minor injuries, Arquette sent a message that he did not take any medication and is currently sober.

It is not known if David Arquette will be charged with causing an accident or endangering others. It is still unclear why Arquette was driving the wrong way on the highway. Witnesses say that Arquette hit the car carrying the woman while trying to avoid hitting another car that was coming at him. The woman sustained minor injuries as well.

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