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A car accident in Bronx leaves many injured, one fatally. It seems the families will need a new York Personal Injury Lawyer.

Carmen Huertas, a 31 year old Bronx, NY resident, had been at a party in Chelsea, NY when she left to take her daughter and her daughter’s friends back to her home in the Bronx. Chelsea is in the lower part on Manhattan, NY and is a short 30 minute drive back to Huertas’ home on Walton Street in Bronx, NY. Huertas picked up her own daughter and 6 other young girls to have a slumber party at her home. Unfortunately, she had been drinking at the party she was at, and speeding while she was driving. Bronx County Police estimate she was driving in excess of 80 miles per hour. She lost control of her car on the Henry Hudson Parkway at West 96th Street in New York City. Her automobile flipped several times, throwing Huertas and other passengers onto the ground. Bronx County Police have reported that every person in the car suffered injury. Huertas sustained a broken nose and cheekbone and arm, her daughter had broken her wrist. One 11 year old child suffered fatal injury. The other children also suffered injury including broken arms and legs. The passengers were taken to Harlem Hospital; located at 506 Lenox Ave. New York NY 10037 and St. Luke’s-Roosevelt; located at 1000 10 Ave. New York NY 10019. Bronx County Police also report that Huertas’ blood alcohol content was more than one and half times the legal limit, and that is the reason for the crash. She is facing charges of vehicular manslaughter and DWI. She will be arraigned when she is released from the hospital.

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